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About Us

Ecco was created by founder Brian Margetson to provide first class structural engineering services with a clear focus on your real-world plans and ambitions.

With over 27 years of industry experience, and proud membership of both the Institution of Structural Engineers (Fellow), and Fellowship of the Geological Society, Brian brings a wealth of experience which can be applied to create innovative, cost effective and highly practical solutions to your engineering challenges.

As a recognised leader in their field, ecco's services are retained by national house builder Wimpey Homes, as well as leading property report providers Specialist Express and Structural Surveys Direct.

Clients Like Us Because…

True to the company’s values, our clients appreciate that their aspirations are always the main focus.  Structural engineering is not the end in itself: it’s simply a tool that allows us to help you realise your plans.

Value for Money

There’s a fine difference between “cost” and “value”.  Our fees are not the cheapest in the market place – and we don’t intend for them to be.  However, you will find us committed to delivering excellent value for money, ensuring that what you pay is always a sound investment in the success of your project.

The investment in design makes up only a small proportion of what you will spend when you purchase your dream home.  Investing wisely in a quality expert service will ensure that you experience fewer problems, that you are fully informed at every step, and that your total investment is a wise and secure one.

Our Cast Iron Guarantee

You want to know that when you invest in our services you’ll be getting both great value for money, and an engineer’s report that carries weight with your building inspector, bank or building society.  For that reason, if your lender or inspector is not fully satisfied with any aspect of our report, we will address their concerns directly, and if necessary, re-visit the property to clarify our findings.

To find out more about how ecco can help you, email us here, or call us today on 01275 847074.

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