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Structural Engineers Reports

Why Do I Need a Structural Engineer’s Report?

A structural engineer's report is an independent opinion by a qualified engineer and normally relates to an alleged defect that is potentially serious.  The report will present background information and reasoning to justify the report's conclusions. The report will also outline what - if any - work is required to stabilise the property.

A report is normally requested when the buyer's bank have had an inconclusive valuation report. If a valuer feels that there may be a serious defect, he/she will decline to give a valuation until they have an expert's report. Many homeowners decide themselves to have an expert's report on an issue troubling them.

Are ecco Bank- and Building Society-Approved?

Financiers usually require the author of a structural engineer's report to be a Member of the Institution Of Structural Engineers. You will be comforted to know that ecco's reports are prepared by a fully qualified Engineer with the highest grade of Institution membership - Fellow - a grade reserved for engineers with exceptional experience.  Your engineer’s report will be accepted by virtually all banks, building societies and other lenders.

What Does My Investment Get Me?

Let’s be clear.  Ecco will not necessarily be the cheapest structural engineers in the market – and we don’t intend to be.

However, an ecco structural report is one of the most expertise-laden available.  It represents a complete investigation of the alleged defects in the property, and its recommendations will give you the confidence to either move ahead, or turn away, knowing you’ve made a sound decision.  For that thoroughness, and your peace of mind, we make a fair and reasonable charge that we believe will give you an excellent return on your investment in us.

What Our Clients Say...

"Thank you for sending us the report so promptly.  It has been very helpful in our decision whether or not to proceed with the purchase of this property"

Vicki Ross

"Thank you for the excellent report and quick response.  We were very impressed with your service and considered the work good value for money".

Alex Charles

"Many thanks for your help during the very stressful purchase of our house. You really went the extra mile and it certainly helped us!".

Rebecca Sanders and Family

To find out more about structural engineers reports, and whether your property needs one, email us here, or call us today on 01275 847074.

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